What you need to know about the Floyd Hill Construction Project

What you need to know about the Floyd Hill Construction Project

Construction season is underway here in Colorado and this is a project that you’re going to want to know all about. 

The Floyd Hill project on Interstate 70 (I-70), spanning from just west of Evergreen to the eastern parts of Idaho Springs in Colorado, is a comprehensive overhaul of a significant eight-mile section of the I-70 Mountain Corridor. This corridor is crucial for the state's economy and is a popular route for tourists, locals, and interstate commerce. The goal of the project is to revamp the aged and underperforming infrastructure. Here’s a quick overview of what the project entails.

Let’s go over some key facts!

Crucial Details:

  • The projected cost of the project stands at around $700 million.
  • Kraemer North America is the construction firm responsible for executing the project.
  • The project has a timeline spanning from June 2023 to 2028.
  • The project location from east to west goes from exit 248 to exit 241

Major Improvements:

  • Incorporation of an extra travel lane (3rd lane) on westbound I-70 to alleviate congestion on the current two-lane highway.
  • Rehabilitation of existing bridges that have experienced substantial wear and tear.
  • Creation of a two-mile stretch of frontage road between US 6 and the Hidden Valley/Central City Parkway interchanges to expedite emergency responses.
  • Lengthening of the on-ramp from US 6 to eastbound I-70, giving slow vehicles more room to blend into the traffic.
  • Enhancement of traffic movement and ease of access at interchanges and junctions.
  • Straightening of winding roads to offer better visibility and overall safety.
  • Upgrades to the Clear Creek Greenway trail and implementation of environmental mitigation plans to promote wildlife connectivity, air and water quality, stream conditions, and recreational activities.
  • Installation of two air quality monitoring stations.

The project schedule is organized into three segments: the East Section (June 2023 to Summer 2026), the West Section (Fall 2023 to Fall 2027), and the Central Section (Spring 2024 to the end of 2028).

Throughout the construction period drivers will face sporadic traffic delays, night-time lane closures, temporary lane realignments, and ramp closures, among other disruptions. Nonetheless, the project management has planned measures to maintain traffic flow during peak hours and minimize any inconvenience.

Here's a mockup of what the completed project will look like!

Floyd Hill Construction Project Mockup

Key Takeaways

  • Remember to go slow in the cone zone and reduce speeds to as low as 45mph work trucks, and narrower lanes will be in play.
  • Weather delays can change construction schedules

Want to read a detailed overview of the Floyd Hill construction project? Click the LINK HERE for a full overview. 

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