What to do instead of sitting in traffic: Fall Edition

What to do instead of sitting in traffic: Fall Edition


Even when it isn’t ski season, I-70 will find a way to shut down. Late season construction, fires, and accidents are inevitable. However, there is a bright side! As things cool down, it's easier to dodge crowds before they’re back for the winter. Also, Fall is one of the most beautiful times to be in Colorado if you’re willing to make the most of it. Capitalize on this seasonal sweet spot instead of sitting in traffic. Here’s our fall list of things to do when you find yourself with a couple extra hours on I-70:

1. Cultivate a Traffic Playlist! 

Does I-70 traffic make you angry? Sad? Frustrated? Or are you the type to just enjoy the vibes whether you’re in traffic or not? However you feel, channel that energy into a traffic playlist! If you’re a frequent I-70 user, odds are you’ll have plenty of opportunities to listen to it.

2. Take some #fall Instagram photos! 

Our favorite interstate has no shortage of beautiful views which are chock full of fall colors. There are definitely worse places to be stuck. Spice up the ‘gram with some outdoorsy, traffic-y fall photos, and don’t forget to submit them to I-70 things!

Colorado Fall Tress

3. Get in some patio time while you still can!

If you’re going to sit around anyways, would you rather it be in your car, or on a patio in a mountain town? The days left in the year for sitting in the sun with a cold beer and some fries are numbered. Waiting out traffic is always a solid option.

4. Set up a hammock and watch it all pass. 

Got nowhere better to be? Pull over and find yourself a nice view and two trees. Bring a good book and some headphones and you’re set for hours. Capitalize on outside time before hammock season is over.

The possibilities are truly endless if you can get a little creative. There are definitely worse places to be stuck after all. Get out there and make the most of the Fall before ski season kicks into high gear!

What’s your go to move when you hit I-70 at the wrong time? Let us know in the comments below! 


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Cover Image of fall in Colorado by @ebrink33

Article image by @nachobandit



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