The Iconic Georgetown Yellow Camaro

The Iconic Georgetown Yellow Camaro

All the rumors about the Georgetown Yellow Camaro are officially over! A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of interviewing a family member of the legendary I-70 monument.

This blog post will serve as an informational source for anyone who’d like to learn about the history and the current status of the iconic vehicle. As of Sunday, July 11th, the Camaro’s history has changed drastically so we have revised this blog post so it is up to date. We promised to keep the family anonymous so no names will be used in this post.

Let's start with its beginnings… 

The car was bought in 1996, but in no way was it bought the way most people recognize it today. Let’s dive into a few key details that were asked by I-70 Things Community Members.

  1. For starters, the car was built on top of a 1978 GMC Jimmy frame. (Who would have known!)
  2. The body of the car is a 1979 Camaro.
  3. The tires are 38 inch super swampers. 

The work and building out of the vehicle was all done by the owner. He has experience, clearly, in building cars of this nature.

Let's talk paint jobs...

When the Camaro body was originally purchased it was red. Those of you who have been around a while will remember this original paint job. After a few years while the car was still painted red, the word “Mothers” was written on the side of the car. Why Mothers? Mother’s Saloon is a bar in Georgetown where the owner was a local. Lastly, the car was painted yellow as it still is today. 

Here are a few fun facts about the car itself. 

  1. The Camaro has hitches on all four sides in case it gets stuck in the snow, it can easily be pulled out by itself with the wench that is usually located on the front. 
  2. The Camaro was built in about a week. Pretty impressive right?
  3. The Camaro has never left Clear Creek County. Who would have known!

Let's debunk a few rumors.

  1. The car was never sold. (Prior to July 11th) It was instead hidden somewhere in Colorado for the few years when it wasn’t spotted in its well known Georgetown location. 
  2. The doors aren’t welded shut. (This rumor has been circling around for years.)
  3. The car runs, but is pretty slow. It doesn’t go over 45mph, so that is why you don’t see it driven on I-70 regularly. 

From all the stories that have been shared with us while searching for the car and its owners one thing was clear, this car means a lot and is very symbolic to many I-70 Things Community members. It has served as a mile marker of its own to many people heading up to the mountains and was frequently pointed out to many friends who came out to visit Colorado.

On a side note, there’s a 2006 black Mustang in Georgetown that has a similar appearance to the legendary Camaro. This is because they are actually owned by the same family. (Prior to July 11th, when the yellow Camaro was sold.)

We’re happy to report as of Sunday June 20th, the car is back in its well known location. Next time you’re driving past Georgetown remember to keep your eyes peeled because the Camaro is back! (This was Prior to Sunday, July 11th.)

The End of an Era and the start of a new one - REVISED

As of this past Sunday, July 11th, the Camaro’s history has changed drastically. So what happened? Here are the key details you need to know. The Camaro was sold and yes we never thought we’d be typing this in a million years! 

Since it was sold, it has recently been moved from it’s Georgetown location to a new location. The vehicle's current location where the car can be seen is luckily still off I-70, which is obviously vital for the yin and yang balance of I-70. It is currently placed right outside of the new Exit 243 Dispensary. Keep your eyes peeled next time you’re near exit 243 to catch a glimpse of the legendary Camaro at its new home.

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Have any questions? Feel free to ask your questions in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

Featured Image

Yellow Camaro back in its well known spot (Old Spot) in Georgetown, Colorado.

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When are the t shirts coming out for the yellow Camaro?


Would love to purchase one of the Yellow Camaro shirts when available. Also as a side note, not on I-70 but on Highway 82 in an impound lot at Old Snowmass Colorado is a little Subaru hatchback that is all built up tall with giant mudder tires, 4×4 etc. Free The Monster Subie!!

Steve-O Remo

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