Recap of the I-70 Community Clean Up with Mayor Parker

Recap of the I-70 Community Clean Up with Mayor Parker

This past Saturday, June 5th, the I-70 Things Community teamed up with Mayor Parker the Snow Dog and hosted a Georgetown I-70 community clean up. The turnout was amazing and we’re very appreciative of everyone who came out and lent a hand for a couple hours on Saturday. The crew was able to pick up an estimated 750 - 1000 pounds of trash in just a couple hours!

To much surprise, there was a lot more trash than anyone originally expected. The weather was great and after the clean up the crew went over to Guanella Pass Brewing for a few rounds of beer.

Here’s what some volunteers had to say - 

“Taking part in a community clean up like this really makes you not want to litter.” - Community Member

“Who knew there was so much trash in this one little section of I-70.” - Community Member 

The troubling fact that in just a few hours so much trash was picked up makes you wonder as a community, how can we better address this issue?

Questions such as, why are people littering along the highway here in Colorado? Who do they expect to clean it up? Is it due to the growing Colorado population? Maybe trash cans at chain up stations can be provided in order to curb littering? We don’t have the answers to these questions, but any input would be greatly appreciated. 

We can only imagine how much trash is still out there yet to be picked up. We hope that by doing these community clean ups regularly we can help curb this environmental problem. As I-70 Things Community Members we can all do our part to keep Colorado clean and pristine, so that we can all continue to enjoy this beautiful state. A big thanks to Mayor Parker the Snow Dog for letting us co-host a wonderful event.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask your questions in the comments section below.

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This blog post's featured image is of the crew and the pile of trash amassed during Saturday’s clean up.

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