Meka's Downtown Denver Snowboard Takeover

Meka's Downtown Denver Snowboard Takeover

This past weekend, downtown Denver, Colorado transformed into a snowboarder’s paradise, thanks to the new Meka Snowboard Festival. A festival that to many seemed to come out of nowhere, but surely boosted the stoke for this upcoming winter season. Meka did not disappoint in its inaugural edition.

Snowboarding… Duh

At the heart of the festival was, of course, snowboarding. From seasoned pros showing off during the men's and women's pro-rail jams to newcomers eager to hit the hike park, there was no shortage of talent and passion. The main event featured fierce competition on a custom-built rail garden that challenged participants with its series of features. With stunning displays of technical skill, it was a treat for both participants and spectators in Commons Park in downtown Denver.

Photo of Rob R doing a 270 on to a down flat down rail in commons park in denver colorado

Vibrant Atmosphere

Beyond the competition, Meka fostered a lively and communal atmosphere. Vendors lined the area, showcasing the latest in snowboarding gear, clothing, and tech. Food trucks took over Little Raven Street and ensured festival-goers were well-fueled throughout the event. 

In addition, there were interactive workshops and panels. Snowboarding experts and enthusiasts discussed everything from backcountry do’s and don’ts to mental health. These sessions provided invaluable insights and fostered deeper connections within the snowboarding community.

Music & Culture

Meka wasn’t just about the sport, instead, it was about community. The festival integrated seamlessly with Denver’s vibrant culture, offering a fusion of music and art. Local bands rocked out and played live sets, while artists showcased snowboard-inspired art, blurring the lines between sport, culture, and artistic expression.


Another standout feature was the premieres themselves, after all, it is film tour season. We are no strangers to these, but having multiple stacked day after day was a great way for all to enjoy. By having the riders in attendance alongside fans and enthusiasts the energy during these films was through the roof!

Crowd watches in auditorium as Jeremy Jones speaks


In Conclusion

Meka was more than just an event; it was a celebration of a sport and a lifestyle. Through the fusion of athletic prowess, culture, music, art, and environmental consciousness, it brought together diverse groups under the common love for snowboarding. As the sun set on the final day, one thing was clear: the spirit of snowboarding is alive and well, and The Meka Snowboard Festival is here to stay. We look forward to next year’s event! 


Thank you

Shout out to Mikey LeBlanc and his team for curating such an amazing event. The Slide Thru Sessions team was stoked to be a part of Meka during its inaugural year and I-70 Things loved supporting this grassroots event.

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